When designing structures for offshore environment, what are the typical requirements in selecting structural components?

Asked by bbenoit 5 years, 7 months ago | 1 Answers

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kendrickfeng 5 years, 7 months ago

Here are the requirements one should consider:

  • Structural components should be fabricated from standard pipe, square tubing, shapes, and/or plate in accordance with the requirements of API RP 2A and/or API SPEC 17D as applicable.
  • Tubular members should be open to sea or should have two vent holes (minimum 1/2 in.) located in the uppermost and lowermost portion of the member when mounted to allow easy flooding during installation and to prevent hydrostatic collapse.
  • The vent holes should be arranged to prevent circulation of seawater within the member.
  • All welds should be full penetration.
  • The edges of sheared plates should be ground to remove the rolled-over edge wherever the sheared edge should be connected to another member.

Wherever the surfaces of two structural shapes are in contact with one another, a sealer bead should be placed at the edges to completely seal the contacting surfaces from the ambient environment.  A mouse hole should be included where three or more planes are joined.