What items are usually included in the Seawater Treatment Package?

Asked by mobassey 5 years, 10 months ago | 2 Answers

When you specify an RFQ package for Seawater Treatment, how extensive is the list of the equipment requirements? Can someone provide a list of typical items to include for a Seawater Treatment Package? Thanks.

2 Answers

lonstruthers 5 years, 10 months ago

I think you should consider the followings as well.

  1. Surface finish / coating where applicable.
  2. Tagging of all individual items of equipment, electrical and instruments as defined on P&IDs.
  3. Fabrication / Commissioning / Installation phase assistance during Integration work at Yard.
  4. Materials and electrical certificates
  5. Classification Society certification and release note.
  6. Inspection and Testing as required
  7. Packing and preservation for transportation and shipment and preservation during Module fabrication phase.

GerritMcLane 5 years, 10 months ago

Well, I have worked with the Seawater Treatment Package that includes followings:

  • Main Filtration Unit and Cartridge Guard Filter. The main filtration unit can be either media filtration unit or a microfiltration unit. If membrane microfiltration unit is selected, guard filter is not mandatory.
  • HP Charge Pumps used in Sulphate Removal Package (SRP)
  • Membrane Pressure Vessels and elements
  • Membrane Cleaning Package: Cleaning In Place (CIP) consisting of :
    • CIP Tank
    • Tank Heater
    • Cartridge Filter
    • CIP Pump
  • Chemical Injection Package consisting of:
    • Chemical Storage Tanks
    • Dosing Pumps
    • Dampeners
  • Static Mixers if required
  • Electric Motors for all pumps.
  • Couplings, coupling guards and pump base plates as required.
  • Pressure safety relief valves as required.
  • All on skid valves including control valves.
  • Bursting Discs for overpressure protection for membrane vessels.
  • Victaulic couplings for the membranes.
  • Vibration monitoring devices for the HP feed Pumps.
  • Sampling facilities.
  • Satisfactory and reliable instrumentation including Redox, pH Monitors & particle counters.
  • Unit control panel (UCP) suitable for location in a safe area.
  • Complete process control system and safeguarding system including all hardware and software for the package, located in the UCP.
  • SRP package field instrumentation and monitoring equipment.
  • Junction boxes for all Electrical and Instrumentation.
  • Mounting posts for the Emergency stop buttons next to each pump motor.
  • Walkways, stairs and ladders as required.
  • Emergency stop buttons for electric motors.
  • Super Duplex piping, 316L SS piping and Glass Reinforced Plastic  (GRP) piping.
  • All electrical & instrument cabling including cable trays, ladders and electrical junction boxes.
  • Start-up and commissioning spares.
  • Special maintenance and alignment tools including lifting beams and hoists

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