What is the prerequisite for cost-efficient operation?

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What is the prerequisite for cost-efficient operation?

1 Answer

Aceautomation 1 year ago

For most medium to large continuous duty hydraulic machines oil cooler fitment becomes mandatory for achieving temperature optimized systems that keep oil temperatures within an acceptable range.

Doing so is a basic prerequisite for cost-efficient operation, as they provide a number of performance, economic, and environmental benefits.

These include:

  • Maintaining the correct temperature keeps oil at its recommended viscosity and ensures that mechanical components are properly lubricated and fluid power devices run at peak performances efficiency. Letting oil temperature rise beyond recommended limits can
    1. Reduce the life of the equipment due to poor lubrication
    2. Higher internal & external leakages
    3. Higher risk of component damage.
  • Operation within recommended temperature range increases equipment’s
    1. Availability
    2. Efficiency
    3. Improved productivity.
  • Keeping temperatures down also helps ensure that the oil lasts longer. Excess heat can
    1. Degrade oils
    2. Form harmful varnish / sludge on component surface. The sludge formed results in sticking of internal moving parts of valves & other components.
    3. Accelerate the deterioration of rubber and elastomeric seals, leading to leakages
    4. Loss of expensive oils.
  • With less machine downtime it reduces service and repair costs.
    Here is an air cooled oil cooler AW series which is designed to be installed in the return lines of the hydraulic system and can handle pressure upto 10 bar.

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