What is Fingerboard in derrick structure?

Asked by esjensen 7 years, 5 months ago | 1 Answers

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lulopez 7 years, 5 months ago

Fingerboards secure stands of tubulars used in drilling in a vertical orientation within the derrick structure.

Fingerboards provide an accurate positioning of the stands for semiautomatic operation of the Vertical Pipe Racker.

Electrically-controlled, pneumatically operated latches are located along each finger to hold tubular stands in place. As a tubular stand is placed in a slot between two fingers by the Vertical Pipracker, a pneumatic latch closes to secure the stand in place.

A fingerboard control tower is located at each fingerboard level. The control tower contains the solenoids and pneumatic valves that operate the fingerboard latches.

To accommodate the various tubular stand heights and tubular sizes, different fingerboards should be used. At least one section of adjustable fingerboards shall be located at a specified height above the drill floor.