What are the requirements for Hot Tap?

Asked by mafael81 5 years, 3 months ago | 1 Answers

What steps needed for a crew to do prior to performing the Hop Tap?

1 Answer

sicalamanto 5 years, 3 months ago

Before doing any hot works, you should do the followings:

  • Obtain a hot work permit.
  • Develop a detailed plan to clarify all concerns applicable to the hot tap.
  • Prepare engineering drawings that detail the hot tap operation. Hold a coordination meeting with your team (i.e. Maintenance, Operations, Hot Tap Contractor, and Inspection Personnel)
  • Verify the correct piping/equipment to be hot tapped, as well as the correct location.
  • Verify that the condition, material, and the measured thicknesses of the piping/storage tank to be hot tapped are adequate for welding.
  • Verify that the proposed welding procedure is suitable for the intended hot tap application.
  • Conduct all necessary hydrocarbon and oxygen tests to ensure that no flammable vapor is present.
  • Complete the Hot Tap Checklist provided by the Operating Company.