What are the general welding requirements used in subsea environment?

Asked by GerritMcLane 3 years, 9 months ago | 1 Answers

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lampanda 3 years, 9 months ago

Observe the followings:

  1. All welding should be in accordance with API SPEC 6A and ASME SEC IX.
  2. WPS should be developed for all welding to be performed, including repair welding.
  3. Each WPS should be qualified by mechanical testing and should be submitted with the supporting PQR documentation for review and approval.
  4. All WPS employed for fabrication should be reviewed and approved prior to the start of any production welding.
  5. Only welders and welding operators qualified for the approved WPS should perform production welding.
  6. All welds should be sound and free of undercut, overlap, cracks, flux, and other defects.
  7. Witness all welding procedure qualifications, all production welding, testing, and inspection, welder qualification testing, laboratory testing, and to review all test data.
  8. All equipment associated with welding should be calibrated and should have legible readout/display that denotes the actual setting traceable to the WPS.
  9. If backing material is proposed for the WPS, only ceramic backing should be used. Copper backing should not be used.