Well Kill Procedures

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Operating company should define the reporting protocol for a well control event. Reporting protocol should include the followings at the minimum:

  • Who and when to call from the drilling rig
  • Define the steps to ba taken prior to well control operations: kill method, kill weight mud, use of safety factors in excess of the initial circulating pressure, kill jump rate, maximum initial shut-in casing pressure, kick tolerance, stabilized shut-in casing pressure.

Operations on the platform should define it primary constant bottom hole pressure (BHP) method for well kill operations and how competency is confirmed and maintained for any well kill method used.

Well control procedures should be prepared in advance associated with special operations such as: High pressure / high temperature conditions, managed pressure drilling, dual gradient drilling, closed hole circulating drilling, mud cap drilling, casing drilling, horizontal drilling, slim hole drilling, steam boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion considerations, air blows, and air drilling.

The platform also should have a process for stripping operations such as: annular stripping and ram stripping.

For subsea stack operations, operations should have requirements for pipe hang-off that includes the following at a minimum:

  • Criteria used to make determination to hang-off
  • Method to determine the set down weight on the hang-off rams and/or the tension required on the drillpipe at the stack
  • Action to take with the annular after hang-off
  • Capability of the variable-bore rams as hang-off rams
  • Location of the shear blind rams in the stack

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