Screw Compressor Package list of supply?

Asked by anashi 5 years, 7 months ago | 3 Answers

Anyone suggests a complete itemized list of Screw Compressor Package?

3 Answers

phamus 5 years, 7 months ago
Here's one list of recommendation. Do I miss anything? · Electric motor driver suitable for the specified operating voltages as defined in the data sheets. · Motor starters for electric motors. · Screw compressor body (bodies), complete with seal systems. · All necessary couplings and guards. · Three-wire RTD’s in all relevant bearings with installed spare elements. · Common control system, including a control panel with all required hardware and software for the control system and the safeguarding system. · Hard-wired emergency shutdown (ESD) panel shall be part of the microprocesser control panel. · Common base plate with drip pans and lifting lugs. · Acoustic attenuation (enclosure or blanketing) as required, including fire and gas detection and protection, alarms, lights, ventilation and maintenance lifting facilities, access doors with system interlocks, and door restraints for use while in the open position. · Vibration monitoring system for the entire train if specified in the project data sheets. · Three-point mount and anti-vibration mounts (AVM’s) or gimbals. · All necessary instruments, ancillaries, and instrument supports. · Electrical and instrument installation (including cabling and earthing) on skid only. · Local gauge board (if specified in data sheets). · Stainless steel (316L) junction boxes. · All on-skid piping for utilities such as lube oil, seal oil, cooling medium, instrument and utility air, and nitrogen, if required. · Lateral analysis of rotor systems and train torsional analysis. · Insulation and / or personnel protection. · Surface preparation and coating. · Maintenance lifting beams and hoists. · Suction scrubbers (if specified in data sheets). · Interstage coolers (If specified in data sheets). · Capacity control system with hydraulic actuation system (if applicable). · All on-skid piping and valves. · On skid ESD push button stations. · Oil mist eliminator and flame trap to suit oil system, supplied loose. · Stainless steel suction and discharge silencers as applicable. · Stainless steel suction strainers. · Stainless steel expansion joints · Mineral oil tank electric heater suitable for on-line withdrawal. · Class certification. · Inspection and testing. · Spare parts for start-up and commissioning. · Start-up, commissioning, and operation procedures. · Package documentation. · Special maintenance and alignment tools.

esjensen 5 years, 7 months ago
The Screw Compressor Package should also have a lubricating oil system for the compressor, gearbox (if applicable) and electric motor drive including oil filters, coolers, and pumps. When the lube oil system is designed for a moving vessel, the relative motion and accelerations of the vessel should be considered when designing the oil return system from all the main components. Each oil pump should have individual suction and discharge isolation valves to facilitate maintenance activities. Check valves should be provided at the discharge to prevent reverse rotation of stand-by pumps The lube oil pump may by gear driven or electric motor driven, the stand by pump should be electric motor driven. The gear driven pump should provide ample lubrication during coast down of the main pump. Alternatively a run-down tank or DC motor driven lube oil pump should be furnished. Dual oil filters with 316L stainless steel bodies should be provided, capable of on-line changeover without disruption to the main equipment operation. All oil piping should be manufactured from 316L stainless steel. In order to minimize the footprint and still achieve maintainability, the use of tank mounted vertical oil pumps is considered the best option. The preference for oil coolers is the plate and frame design executed in 316 stainless steel material. Cooling water should normally be by the closed cooling medium circuit, employing inhibited potable water. If seawater cooling is specified, the oil coolers should be manufactured from Titanium alloy. An oil tank electric heater should be provided to maintain the lubricating and control oil at the minimum temperature requirements. The heater should be capable of on-line withdrawal without the necessity to drain down the oil tank. It should be suitable for single phase operation at the stated voltages. The oil tank vent should be fitted with an oil mist eliminator and return oil pipe. A flame trap should also be provided as loose item.

bxander 5 years, 7 months ago
The Screw Compressor Package, including all necessary ancillary equipment, should be assembled to the maximum extent possible, aligned, pre-checked and performed FAT Test in its facility to ensure the equipment package is in accordance with all requirements prior to shipment to the site. Based on experience, the cost will be too large to replace parts and schedule will be impacted if the package does not pass field test.

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