Procurement and Construction activities to transfer to Commission

Asked by cuchiang 4 years, 10 months ago | 2 Answers

During the mechanical completion and commissioning, what activities and/or procedures have to happen to transfer from procurement and construction to commissioning?

2 Answers

NewtonTishle 4 years, 10 months ago

To transfer from construction to commissioning, Completions managers typically are
assigned construction supervision tasks in the early phase of site works. It provides them with an excellent knowledge and understanding of the parts of the plant, they will later be in charge of, during the commissioning phase.

In the same manner, as the project enters the commissioning phase, the Completion’s manager will become the person accountable to the project manager and the site manager for all aspects of the project site works, such as:

  • Safety and quality management
  • Resources management
  • Services outsourcing
  • Vendor’s package management
  • Reporting
  • Hand-over

At this stage, the site organization will be modified in such a way that all supervisors will work under the instructions of the Completions Manager for the reason mentioned above.

esjensen 4 years, 10 months ago
I can give some inputs on the procurement area. Typically, you issue some packages to the contractor for installation of the facilities. The procurement group is responsible to ensure that the vendors' packages are properly inspected and succeeded to Factory Acceptance Test prior to being delivered to site. Interfaces between procurement and commissioning are usually defined in owner company's interface management. Packages issued to site, should be issued complete with a clear identification, and where required any vendor preservation requirements.