Pinch or clamp valve

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What is pinch or clamp valve and its applications?

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odadmin 7 years ago

Pinch valve contains a elastomer tube or sleeve which can be squeezed at its midsection by some mechanical system until the tube walls are pinched or clamped together producing full closure of the flow path.

A typical pinch vave diagram is shown below:


Where: 1 - Body, 2 - Flexible tube, 3 - Upper pinch bar, 4 - lower pinch bar, 5 - spindle, 6 - handwheel.

Pinch valves are ideal for use in many industrial application including:


  • Chemical plants - Corrosive chemicals and pump isolation
  • Power industries - Flue gas desulfurization systems, ash handling, and wet line scrubbers.
  • Mining industry - Solid separation, centrifuge control, coal washing, etc.
  • Waste water treatment - Polymer feed system, sludge control, grit system, raw sewage, etc.