Oil mist and lubrication system

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2 Answers

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Other terms / items related to oil mist and lubrication are:

Re-classifier: is an application fittings meter oil mist, convert oil mist to a spray, or condense oil droplets at lubrication points.

Dry sump lubrication: also called pure mist, dry sump lubrication is an arrangement in which no oil level is maintained in the bearing housing.  Lubrication is accomplished by condensing fresh oil from the mist onto the rolling bearing or anti-friction elements.  The mist both lubricates the bearing and purges the housing.

Generator console: The generator console includes the oil mist generator, the generator oil supply system, the air supply moisture separator/filtering system, the oil mist outlet header, and the attendant controls and instrumentation.  For dry sump applications it may also include a backup generator mounted directly to the generator console cabinet.

phamus 4 years, 7 months ago

Oil mist: Oil mist is a dispersion of 1 to 3 µm sized oil droplets in an air stream.

Oil mist lubrication system: An oil mist lubrication system includes the mist generator console, distribution piping with supports, application fittings, bearing housing vents, and the central lubricant supply tank.

Purge mist lubrication: Purge mist lubrication refers to a wet sump arrangement.  Normal bearing housing oil levels should be maintained and atmospheric contamination excluded by introducing oil mist.  The mist purges only the bearing housing.  Bearing lubrication is by conventional oil bath, flinger, or oil ring.