Normal practice for wells abandonment in the oil industry?

Asked by phamus 6 years ago | 1 Answers

I am looking at the possibility of decommission and abandonment of the depleted wells and have to comply with the requirements below. Can anyone share what is the typical normal practice in the oil industry?

"In the event the abandonment for oil wells is decided, the operating company shall proceed to correctly abandon the well or wells in question, and shall also take other measures to decommission the facilities and other assets and proceed to rehabilitate the landscape, in accordance with the applicable law and, secondarily, with the normal practice in the oil industry."

1 Answer

rbidong 6 years ago

Each country's law can interpret “normal practice in the industry” differently and it would be a good idea to ask the operating company which specific regulations apply.  As you can see from the USA regulations regarding decommissioning, there are very specific requirements that have to be met  in order comply with 30 CFR 250 Subpart Q.

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