Net positive suction head (NPSH)

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Net positive suction head available (NPSH)A is the difference between the total absolute suction pressure at the pump suction nozzle when the pump is running and the vapor pressure at the flowing liquid temperature. All pumps require the system to provide adequate (NPSH)A. In a positive-displacement pump the (NPSH)A should be large enough to open the suction valve, to overcome the friction losses within the pump liquid end, and to overcome the liquid acceleration head.

Suction Limitations of a Pump Whenever the pressure in a liquid drops below the vapor pressure corresponding to its tempera- ture, the liquid will vaporize. When this happens within an operating pump, the vapor bubbles will be carried along to a point of higher pressure, where they suddenly collapse. This phenomenon is known as cavitation. Cavitation in a pump should be avoided, as it is accom- panied by metal removal, vibration, reduced flow, loss in efficiency, and noise. When the absolute suction pressure is low, cavitation may occur in the pump inlet and damage result in the pump suction and on the impeller vanes near the inlet edges. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to maintain a required net positive suction head.