Most vulnerable equipment for erosion

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On a offshore facility, what are the most vulnerable equipment for erosion?

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RichS29 7 years, 5 months ago

The vulnerability for erosion of any equpment depends on sudden change in flow direction, high flow velocities due to high volumetric flowrates or by flow restrictions.

Below list1 is suggested as a rough guide to identify which components are most vulnerable to erosion (the first on the list being most likely to erode):

  • Chokes
  • Sudden constrictions
  • Partially closed valves, check valves and valves that are not full bore
  • Standard radius elbows
  • Weld intrusions and pipe bore mismatches at flanges
  • Reducers
  • Long radius elbows, mitre elbows
  • Blind tees
  • Straight pipes


HSE report 115: Erosion in elbows in hydrocarbon production systems: Review document