Lesson Learned - Turret location on a FPSO

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The turret location is a key design issue. With the turret at greater than 75% of overall hull length from the stern, the vessel weather-vanes free. At around 65% (3 of 4 FPSOs in the market), thrusters are required to maintain and control heading. The controlled heading FPSOs have the advantage of being able to lock the turret and thereby reduce bearing and swivel wear. However, this places a demand on the thrusters (which are safety critical) and the crew to manage turret repositioning. Any additional inputs from the experts?

1 Answer

lulopez 6 years, 9 months ago
Experience to date from the single Norwegian FPSO with a free turret indicates lower maintenace and crew involvement than with the other FPSOs. In addition, that FPSO has managed to achieve adequate safety of the accommodation forward of the turret, by using a firewall. Current experience suggests that a free turret with swivel and thrusters used for offloading only, results in the lowest Opex.

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