Lesson Learned – Solution Anneal of Wye Fitting

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davidnivola 6 years, 3 months ago

I recently work on the following particular subject and our project came across a hiccup about the Solution Anneal of a Wye Fitting so I thought to share with others in order NOT to experience what we did learn the hard way.

The Wye Fitting of the piping (material A182 F347) is required 1950 Deg Fahrenheit +/-25 Fahrenheit for solution anneal per industry standard. Our company’ specification says 1900 Fahrenheit maximum for initial annealing temp. The vendor did not comply with the specification prior to heat treat the Wye Fitting so it created a delay in schedule and a spec deviation had to be approved by upper management and technical authority (of course we had an earful of education from out bosses).

Hope others can get our lesson learned.