Derrick Structure characteristics?

Asked by esjensen 7 years, 4 months ago | 1 Answers

Can someone describe the characteristics of the Derrick Structure?

1 Answer

lulopez 7 years, 4 months ago

Here's an example of what a derrick structure would compose of.

  • Crown Frame Assembly
  • Hook load of 2,000,000 lbs
  • Quad Derrick suitable for racking stands of four joints of Range 2 drill pipe (126 ft) or three joints of Range 3 drill pipe (135 ft)
  • Set of 10 tonne crown frame pad eyes for Drill Floor Tools
  • Two 20 tonne pad eyes, one under the crown and the other at the racking board level for wire line operations
  • Guide rails for Power Swivel and Traveling Block, allowing space for a retract system
  • Derrick Escape System for two men from the racking board level, including two portable, vertical‐drop systems stored at the Racking Board Level
  • Full height ladder system with safety cage or fall arrestor, landing platforms every 10m, and access walkways
  • Lighting system
  • Set of Aircraft Hazard Warning Lights
  • Two Wind Speed Instruments hardwired to Topside ICSS and relayed back to the DCMS
  • Weather protection cladding on the monkey board and crown levels if required for equipment and personnel protection
  • Rollers and/or guides at top of V‐door to prevent crane wires catching
  • Minimal thermal protection for personnel from platform flare and turbine exhaust generated heat
  • Thermal protection for equipment shall be provided, as necessary, based on a flare radiation analysis
  • High temperature equipment (i.e. lubricants) to be used where appropriate
  • Derrick shall be bolted to the Drill Floor
  • Derrick shall be outfitte with a combined Monkey Board and Wireline Stripping Platform
  • Derrick jacking and shimming system for leveling rig during the commissioning phase
  • V‐door opening sized to facilitate entry of 48 ft lengths of casing and 60 ft lengths of HP Riser or a double stand of range 2 piping