Can someone provide compact flanges and connectors details

Asked by lulopez 7 years ago | 1 Answers

Can someone provide types of compact flanges and connectors, their applications, advantages and disadvantages.

1 Answer

Normandy 6 years, 7 months ago

Here are some of the characteristics of Compact Flange comparing to a conventional ANSI Flange:

  • Significant weight savings compared to the equivalent ANSI Flange.
  • Smaller and easier to handle in confined spaces. 
  • Quick and easy make-up with superior mechanical strength and fatigue performance.
  • Tighter tolerences. 
  • Leak tightness.
  • Better sealing surface to prevent corrosion on flange faces


*** Comparison on 8” size of Compact flange (136 kg) versus ANSI Flange (1341 kg) with the same pressure rating (2500#).