BOP Control System

Asked by esjensen 6 years, 1 month ago | 1 Answers

Can someone share some knowledge on the components of the BOP Control System?

1 Answer

jakangaru 6 years, 1 month ago

Here is an example of the BOP Control System:

  • One 5,000 psi WP electric triplex charging pump
  • Three 5,000 psi WP air‐operated charging pumps
  • 480 volt AC power supply to the BOP control unit electric motor‐driven pump shall be provided from the drilling emergency switchboard
  • Air for control valve operation and for the air‐operated pumps (the secondary power source for the hydraulic power unit) shall be taken from the essential air distribution header in the drilling facility
  • Accumulators, annular and manifold regulators
  • One open/close hydraulic valve for each BOP function and for each Choke & Kill function
  • One 1" / 1 1/2" x 5,000 psi WP stainless steel‐jacketed fire‐rated control hose for each BOP function and for each Choke & Kill function
  • Three BOP control panels: one in the drillers cabin, one in the tool pusher's office and one within the DES
  • Electric power for the operation of the control panels shall be provided from the 24 VDC UPS powered from the emergency switchboard