Air Cooled Oil Coolers

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Need to know about Air Cooled Oil Coolers?

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Air cooled oil coolers or heat exchangers, also known by various names in the industry viz. Plate Fin Oil Coolers, Fan Cooled Oil Coolers, Fin Fan Oilcoolers, Air Blast Oil Coolers, D cup Coolers, Air Oil Coolers, Fin Coolers etc. In these a draft of ambient air is used to remove heat from a fluid, usually oil. However thermic fluids, coolants, water glycol solutions are also commonly cooled using this type of oil coolers. Typically these consist of a fan, a heat exchanger, an outer structure and also some instrumentation like temperature gauge, temperature & pressure switches.

The air cooled heat exchanger design uses a number of rectangular tubes. These rectangular tubes are made by brazing together Aluminum alloy plates (also known as separator plates), sidebars & inside bars. The oil to be cooled flows in through an inlet header and is then distributed through these rectangular tubes.

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