I am facing machine failure due to heat treated parts. Does anyone has any solution for such issues?

Asked by jyotijyoti 1 year, 1 month ago | 1 Answers

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Aceautomation 1 year ago

The process of heat treatment through quenching requires the hot metal parts to be dropped into quench oil reservoirs. The basic purpose is to bring about a sudden drop in temperature of the metal part. As a result the heat energy is transferred from the hot metal part to the quench oil. Thereby increasing the temperature of the quench oil. If this heat is not removed from the quench oil, the next lot hot metal parts that is dropped into the oil will not cool down to the desired temperature. This in turn will result in:

  • Non uniformity of properties of the part
  • Distortion
  • Cracking and
  • Rejection of the part.

To prevent these losses, it is very important to cool the oil and maintain it between a stable temperature range for effective and reliable Quenching.

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