Material Requirements for Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel and its connecting nozzle, piping, internals, external attachments/supports and gauge valves.

Shell SA-516 1, 4
Heads SA-516 2, 4
Nozzle Assemblies
Long Weld Neck Flanges SA-105 3
Weld Neck Flanges SA-105
Rolled Nozzle Necks SA-516 4, 9
Pipe Nozzle Necks SA-106 Grade B  
Reinforcing Pads SA-516 4
Couplings SA-105  
Piping: Pressure Containing
Pipe SA-106 Grade B  
Weld Fittings SA-234 Grade WPB  
Forgings SA-105, SA-181 Class 60  
Flange Bolting SA-193-B7 studs w/ SA-194-2H nuts 5, 7

Flange Gaskets:

Raised Face: Flexitallic style “CG” spiralwound, 304 SS with flexite super filler for ANSI Class 150 through 600, or Buyer approved equal

Ring Joint:

  • ANSI Class 900: Type “R” Octg. Iron ring, cad. plated, Type “D”
  • ANSI Class 1500: Type “RX” Octg. Iron ring, cad. plated, Type “S”
Internals: Non-Pressure Containing Parts  
Plate and Repads SA-516, SA-285 Grade C 4,10
Pipe SA-106 Grade B, SA-53 Grade B, API 5L  
Pipe Fittings SA-105, SA-234 Grade WPB  
Angle, Channel, Barstock SA-36  
Bolting 316 Stainless Steel  
External Attachments
Lifting Lugs and Re-Pads SA-516 4
Reinforcing Pads/Saddles, Base Rings, Skirt Opening Reinforcements SA-516 4
Angle, Channel, Barstock SA-36  
Horizontal Vessel Saddles SA-283 or SA-285 4, 6, 10
Vertical Vessel Skirts SA-283 or SA-285 Grade C, SA-515, SA-516 4, 6, 10
Vertical Vessel Legs:
Angle, Channel, Bars, Plate
Gauge Valves, Gauges
  Only carbon steel gauge valves are acceptable in
hydrocarbon service; Daniels or Penberthy.
Vendor should install all gauges for inspection by Buyer to ensure proper fit.

Note 1: Vessels 24" O.D. and smaller may utilize SA-106, Grade B seamless pipe for the shell.

Note 2: Vessels 24" O.D. and smaller may utilize SA-234 Grade WPB pipe caps in lieu of forged elliptical heads.

Note 3: For ANSI Class 150 and 300 flanges, SA-181 Class 60 material may be utilized in lieu of SA-105 if the latter is not available.

Note 4: All SA-515 and SA-516 components should be of the same grade material.

Note 5: Bolting should be continuous-thread alloy steel bolt studs according to ASME SA-193 Grade B7 and semi-finished hex nuts according to ASME SA-194 Grade 2H. Studs and nuts should have Class II fit. All threads should be according to ASME B1.1: Coarse Thread series 7/8" and smaller, 8 pitch thread series 1" and larger. All studs and nuts are to be chromated/cadmium plated or having Xylan/Teflon coating, Fluro-Kote #1, blue (Metal Coatings Corporation, 3700 Dunvale Rd, Houston, TX 77063) or Buyer approved equal. For studs in blind holes, either the end of the stud or the bottom of the hole should be relieved to prevent galling.

Note 6: Vessel supports constructed of SA-283-C materials should be limited to a maximum thickness 5/8" and a minimum temperature of 32°F (0°C).

Note 7: Flange bolting for sour service vessels should be SA-193-B7M studs and SA-194-2HM nuts per NACE MR-01-75. The additional requirements of Note 5 apply.

Note 8:

  • ANSI Class 1500 flange gaskets for sweet services should be Type “R” Octagonal iron ring, chromated / cadmium plated, Type “S”.
  • ANSI Class 1500 flange gaskets for sour services should be Type “RX” Octagonal ring, annealed Type S310.
  • ANSI Class 2500 flange gaskets for sour services should be Type “RX” Octagonal ring, annealed Type S316.

Note 9: Rolled plate used for nozzles should be the same as vessel shell or head material in which the nozzle is to be installed.

Note 10: The following grades of material are assigned as exceptions/additions to Curve A in Code Figure UCS-66:

Curve A SA-285 above 3/4-inch thick
SA-515 above 3/4-inch thick