1. Purpose

This document defines the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, and supply of sieve trays and a demister for Glycol Contactor.

2. Scope of Supply

Supplier’s scope includes the design, fabrication, and supply of the following:

  • Sieve trays
  • Demister
  • All required installation hardware such as screws, bolting, and nuts, with a 100% contingency.

3. Scope of Service

Supplier should provide a quote for the option of supplying field assistance during installation of the internals.

4. Requirements

4.1 General

Sieve trays should be of 316L SS material. Demister pad should be of interwoven strands of plastic (Dacron) and 316L SS material.

Supplier should confirm that design of glycol contactor internals complies with process requirements as referenced in Datasheet.

Supplier should pay special attention to dimensions, bolting design, tray spacing, and dispersion area tray hole layout.
Supplier should assume that all materials will be stored for a period greater than 6 months. Supplier should take appropriate measures, including the use of desiccant bags, to protect the internals against a high humidity environment. Supplier should package the internals using crates.

4.2 Inspection Requirements

All materials should be subject to a final inspection to confirm compliance with all referenced documents and requirements prior to shipment. Supplier should give the 1-week notice prior to shipment in order to coordinate an inspection in a timely manner. Supplier will be required to address any deficiencies before the equipment is released to ship.

4.3 Documentation Requirements

Supplier should provide a “preparation for shipment” procedure for approval prior to shipment.
SUPPLIER should provide the following documentation for all vessel internals for review and approval prior to shipment:

  1. Detailed Calculations
  2. Material Test Reports (MTRs)
  3. Certified Drawings with BOM
  4. Inspection Records

Supplier will not be released to ship without approved documentation.