Electrical Checklist

Electrical Drawing Checklist

The checklist below should be used as a final check against all electrical drawings.

☑  The checklist can be printed and should be reviewed and all items checked off before issuing any drawings.

☐  Has all data and information, such as Scope of Work, sketches, notes, marked prints, calculations, etc., been used in checking drawings?

☐  Have up-to-date equipment lists, specifications, codes, and reference lists been used?

☐  Do all Engineering Numbers, and names where shown, check with the equipment list data?

☐  Are all plan views oriented alike and orientation arrows shown?

☐  Have all column numbers and spacing been correctly indicated?

☐  Have future expansions been noted?

☐  Is dimensioning complete  and correct, without  repetition?

☐  If a number of drawings are involved for the building and sheet numbers are assigned are these sheet numbers in proper sequence?

☐  Are all notes accurate and located properly on the drawing?

☐  Have notes been checked for non-duplication of specifications?

☐  Is a cross reference of drawings properly made?

☐  Have all revisions and holds been checked and indicated?

☐  Has the design been reviewed for safety considerations?

☐  Have all cost reduction items been incorporated?

☐  Are scales properly indicated?

☐  Have all Standards been noted and referenced?

☐  Have pertinent blueprint files been listed?

☐  Does drawing number, title, etc. agree with information in the Document Management System?

☐  Have drawings been checked against blueprint files?

☐  Are all floor elevations correctly indicated?

☐  Has a key plan been provided where required?

☐  Is design in accordance with applicable electrical codes (NEC,  IEC)?

☐  Do all symbols used agree with "Notes and Symbols" and Standards?

☐  Has all wire been checked for size and insulation rating?

☐  Have all circuit numbers been indicated?

☐  Have all home runs been identified, where applicable?

☐  Are all Panel Schedules complete?

☐  Have all voltage drops been verified?

☐  Have all fixture mounting heights been shown?

☐  Have all feeders been identified?

☐  Has all major equipment been identified?

☐  Are all equipment supports indicated?

☐  Have all building services been located on the map?

☐  Is all motor control data complete?

☐  Have push-button locations been approved?

☐  Has Bill of Materials been provided, where required?

☐  Do all instrument numbers check with instrument data?

☐  Has grounding of building steel and equipment been indicated?

☐  Has containment for transformer oil spillage been provided?

☐  Has the presence of piping, drains, etc., in and around the electrical equipment areas been approved?

☐  Have special facility requirements been met?

☐  Do drawing titles conform to latest security rules?

☐  Does the drawing show area and environmental classification?

☐  Has drawing been checked for spelling?

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