• The purpose of this document is to outline the job responsibilities of a Technical Services
  • Engineer that reports to the Supervisor of Technical Services.


  • Provides startup assistance and troubleshooting for all types of turbomachinery. Performs mechanical and electronic measurements including the acquisition of high resolution vibration response data of installed machinery in refineries, chemical plants, pipeline stations, power plants, and other industrial locations. Domestic and international travel is an integral part of this job and up to 75% travel time can be expected.
  • Provides technical assistance to internal and external customers in regards to vibration probe calibration and setting, field balancing, alignment and performance testing. Assists internal and external customers with vibration equipment configuration as required.
  • Translates the results of his analysis and recommendations into clear technical proposals, written reports, oral presentations, or machining instructions to customers and STS personnel in meetings and on job site.
  • Performs modal tests on mechanical components to provide data to validate analytical results. This may require travel to job sites.
  • Assists sales and management in evaluating customer requests, assessing technical content of tender requirements, writing technical proposals, and estimating costs
  • Performs analyses in support of root cause analyses of potential warranty situations, and makes recommendations to management as to the extent of liability to be assumed by STS. Summarizes the findings and recommendations in a written report and makes verbal presentations to internal and external customers.
  • Continually reviews processes and procedures, particularly related to his field of expertise, to assure high quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations, and efficiency of operations.
  • Assists the Supervisor of Technical Services in maintaining and expanding the catalogue of computer codes or softwares (developed internally and externally) used by the Technical Services team.
  • Provides technical assistance to Sulzer customers in support of shop operation as required. This includes telephone consultation, and/or written communications by any appropriate means.
  • Provides support for Sulzer's formal internal training program as well as the Customer training program, as related to machinery diagnostics.
  • Provides guidance to, and assists in the training of new engineers in the Engineering department.
  • Keeps abreast of state-of-the-art technology through periodic attendance at technical association meetings, reading technical articles, and maintaining close professional relationships with private consultants, machine and machinery component designers, and other associates in the user industry.
  • Presents papers in technical conferences and/or writes technical articles when it is in the best interest of the company.

QESH (Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health)

  • The company is committed to having a zero accident workplace and that requires the involvement of all employees. Engineers are committed to following and complying with Sulzer’s QESH regulations.


  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or similar discipline


  • 5 years’ experience in turbo machinery vibration analysis