Key Responsibilities

  • Operates and maintains one or more systems that provide heat, air-conditioning (cool, humidify, dehumidify, filter, and circulate air), refrigeration, steam or high-temperature water or electricity
  • Duties involve: observing and interpreting readings on gauges, meters and charts which register various aspects of the system's operation, adjusting controls to insure safe and efficient operation of the system and to meet demands for the service provided, recording in logs various aspects of the system's operation, keeping the engines, machinery and equipment of the system in good working order
  • Directs and coordinates activities of other workers in performing tasks directly related to operating and maintaining the system or systems

Skills / Qualifications

  • Skilled in the repair of electronic control equipment
  • Experienced in producing electricity, steam, or heated or cooled air primarily for sale, and Boiler Tenders
  • Vocational or college degree or an approved apprenticeship with attained Stationary Engineer degree, or the equivalent combination of training and experience as a Stationary Engineer in same environment
  • Class A Stationary Engineers License