Essential Responsibilities:

  • Own large sized tasks or small projects and delivers QE artifacts. Manages deliverables and mentors junior team members
  • Make technology choices at individual level and has ability to analyze impact
  • Monitor every phase of SDLC to ensure design and software meets company standards
  • Apply principles of SDLC and methodologies like Lean/Agile/XP, CI, Software and Product Security, Scalability, Documentation Practices, and Testing Techniques
  • Integrate project testing with continuous-integration process
  • Work with fellow team members to diagnose bugs and formulate solutions
  • Provide expertise in the quality engineering, test planning and testing methodology for a software project
  • Determine testing best practices and principals and promotes them across the organization
  • Develop and executes maintainable automation tests for acceptance, functional, and regression test cases. Uses test automation techniques (data driven, pairwise, mocking, test hooks) that fit the problem space.
  • Monitor production and non-production environment closely and make sure it is available.
  • Responsible from performance and security tests of the application
  • Skilled in providing oversight and mentoring team members. Shows ability to effectively delegate work


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • A minimum of 6 years of professional experience in software development
  • Automation Test experience in a must
  • QA Tool experience is a must (f.e. Selenium)
  • Fluent in English
  • Native in Turkish
  • Technical Expertise

Desired Characteristics:

  • Extensive experience in test automation and test automation frameworks like Protractor, Selenium, Robot, TestNG, or JUnit
  • Demonstrated experience and ability on common computer languages required for different automation testing technologies: Python, Java, Ruby, С++, Perl, PHP, C#, etc.
  • IDE experience for writing code (Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, IDEA)
  • Experience testing web services (SOAP/REST; Throughput, Performance under Load, etc.)
  • API testing tools (Postman, SOAPUI, Katalon and etc.)
  • Experience with issue-tracking and agile project management systems such as Jira, GreenHopper, Confluence, Rally, etc.
  • Experience working in Linux/Unix and Windows environments
  • Experience working with virtual machines (VMs) as part of a test/integration infrastructure
  • Experience on SQL clients to connect & query database
  • Experience on GIT, CI/CD, Jenkins

Business Acumen

  • Demonstrates the initiative to explore alternate technology and approaches to solving problems
  • Skilled in breaking down problems, documenting problem statements and estimating efforts
  • Demonstrates awareness about competitors and industry trends
  • Has the ability to analyze impact of technology choices


  • Ability to takes ownership of medium and big sized tasks and deliver while mentoring and helping team members
  • Ensures understanding of issues and presents clear rationale. Able to speak to mutual needs and win-win solutions. Uses two-way communication to influence outcomes and ongoing results
  • Identifies misalignments with goals, objectives, and work direction against the organizational strategy. Makes suggestions to course correct
  • Shares knowledge, power, and credit, establishing trust, credibility, and goodwill

Personal Attributes

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong oral and written communication in English
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to work under minimal supervision
  • Able to work well with global teams, including time-zone flexibility
  • Skilled in providing oversight and mentoring team members. Shows ability to effectively delegate work.
  • Persists to completion, especially in the face of overwhelming odds and setbacks. Pushes self for results; pushes others for results through team spirit