• Service, repair, overhaul, inspect and identify faults on NOV Rig Equipment on a global basis
  • Support I&C projects as required
  • Make recommendations on improving product and systems efficiency, maintaining continuous and high levels of operation
  • Report and update relevant documentation including daily reports, survey reports, parts lists and service reports
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings/schematics to identify and correct faults, redline drawings/schematics
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders including Customers, Colleagues and other NOV entities
  • Escalate key faults or product failures to relevant department and progress through to resolution
  • Maintain effective communication with customers giving regular status update reports
  • Promote HSE plans and support the continuous developing of internal policy
  • Promote incident prevention for the benefit of employees and customers
  • Inspects NOV equipment for conformance with operational standards
  • Respond to emergency calls for Rig Down situations when required
  • Collaborate with management, engineering, quality and HSE personnel to resolve problems with NOV equipment and recommend measures to improve the operation and condition of the equipment
  • Where necessary, liaise closely with other operational teams to ensure continuous improvement of all systems and processes.
  • Keep up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all HSE legislation and any developments that affect our industry
  • Advise customers on the maintenance and upkeep of their NOV equipment as per the various manuals, Product Information Bulletins (PIB) drawing revision changes, software updates etc.
  • Carry out fault finding, repair and recommendations in a timely manner without compromising safety or quality
  • Be aware of and adhere to HSE requirements whilst working on both onshore/offshore installations
  • Support other departments and carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate as may be reasonably expected
  • Travel when required on an ad-hoc basis as and when dictated by business/customer need




  • An exceptional ability to understand, evaluate and apply technical information
  • Has solutions and suggestions that are effective in addressing the problem at hand
  • Able to adeptly learn the context of a challenge and quickly integrate new skills


  • Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks
  • Adept at exercising good judgement (sometimes with incomplete information) whilst being constrained by tight deadlines
  • Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks
  • Able to define, work within and improve business processes whilst exercising good judgement based on immediate and future business needs.


  • Can be counted on to take personal responsibility in challenging situations and be willing to engage in disputes in order to settle them equitably


  • Will be energised by challenges and drawn towards opportunities

Organisational positioning skills

  • Confident and professional when representing the company in person and in writing

Personal and Interpersonal

  • Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external)
  • Firm and diplomatic when negotiating
  • Is known to consistently adhere to ethical principles and expects others to follow suit
  • A candid team player who collaborates with peers to solve problems


  • Diploma Electrical/B.E Electrical or Electronic engineering


  • 3-8 years of experience
  • Working knowledge of PLC and Computer control systems including making minor software changes, AC & DC Power Systems, VFD’s
  • Working knowledge within a similar position either offshore or in an automation field

Skills, training or special knowledge


  • Ability to interpret engineering drawings/schematics
  • Ability to interrogate various formats of PLC software and make minor changes to software
  • Working knowledge of AC & DC power systems and VFDs.
  • Computer literacy (including good command of
  • Microsoft Office - Excel, Word and Outlook)
  • Good level of PLC experience
  • Good level of knowledge of control systems