We are looking for senior process systems engineers with extensive design experience. As a senior process systems engineer you should have a broad range of experience of all stages of a project and have completed multiple EPC projects. You are expected to use good engineering judgement and experience in producing, checking, and reviewing complex deliverables and calculations. You would be expected to deliver high quality work and be able to effectively support and supervise a team.

Role Overview:

  • Executes a system’s major deliverables outlined above according to a set engineering design criteria utilising approved engineering procedures and practices.
  • Prepares, coordinates, and reviews designs, studies, reports and proposals.
  • Experience with specialised engineering hydraulic programs such as Aspen flare system analyser, Pipeflo, PIPENET etc to interpret or complete calculations.
  • Experienced with the use of 3D model software such as SmartPlant Review in order to review the physical design of a plant or drive the client attended model review.
  • Takes the initiative to coordinate the detailed design development of a system with other engineering disciplines while managing workload and meeting schedule due dates.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Piping & Instrument Diagrams development
  • Line Designation Tables development
  • Hydraulic calculations – for pumps, compressors, control valves, and line sizing
  • Flare design and PSV sizing
  • Design Pressure and Temperature Diagrams development – analysing and determining piping systems design conditions
  • Technical Lists development – such as equipment list, PSV list, Specialty Items list
  • 3D Model Review execution – organising and participating in a review of the physical design of systems
  • Vendor Print Review execution – commenting on deviations from a set of technical design criteria provided to a vendor
  • HAZOP Review execution – organising technical documentation and participating in a hazard and operability review of a system
  • Piping Specialty Item and Relief Valve Datasheet development – define a set of technical criteria and conditions for vendors to use to design engineered items

Basic Qualifications:

  • BEng/Meng degree in chemical engineering
  • Knows technical theory, engineering principles, good engineering practices and how to apply them for design execution
  • Familiarity with major regulations and industry codes and standards affecting standard design, quality or processes
  • Skills in oral and written communication for reports and presentations