You will provide process engineering services to Worley and its customers, including technical support and supervision within the process engineering team.


  • Deliver process engineering services that meet Worley', its customers' and applicable statutory and regulatory specifications, on time and within budget.
  • Initiate, manage and if required supervise process engineering project requirements.
  • Perform process engineering services such as:
    • participate in relevant meetings, prepare progress reports and follow required checking procedures;
    • ensure the project scope is clear and that changes comply with project change management processes;
    • provide assistance and advice during procurement, construction and commissioning activities.  For example, write requisitions, conduct technical bid evaluations and write purchase orders. 
  • If required, act as the process engineering Lead on specific projects.
  • If responsible for a team:
    • outline project requirements including actively promoting workshare, where appropriate, assign tasks and supervise progress;and
    • ensure the required services meet Worley,its customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, on time and within budget. 
  • Proactively resolve any discrepancies between Worley and its Customer's requirements.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments and technical innovations in process engineering.
  • If required, assist and support junior personnel within the process engineering team.
  • Communicate effectively with the process engineering team and project stakeholders, including the Customer.
  • Identify issues and problems, develop appropriate solutions, and ask for assistance when required.

Position: Senior Process Engineer
A degree in Chemical Engineering with at least 10 years experience in major oil/gas project in similar position.  Must have executed major refinery projects as the Lead Process Engineer and detailed Engineering with an Engineering Contractor/Consultant organization. Full involvement and contribution in design, engineering, P&ID reviews, hazop and safety review is absolutely essential. In addition, familiarity with licensor packages as well as coordination experience is mandatory. Further management of FEED/EPC contractor and FEED/EPC deliverable for Owner will be added qualification. He shall have the proven capability to independently handle process simulations and calculations and prepare optimization reports where necessary and as directed by owner.