This position serves as a Lead on Peschanka project for piping discipline and requires proactive action and interface between RDI (Russian Design Institute) and western design contractor;

  • Consulting foreign design contractor on application of Russian Federation regulations and standards;
  • Review comments from the Russian Design Institute to the western design contractor;
  • Performance calculations to check design solutions for piping;
  • Explaining engineering and construction practices in RF (in extreme north and permafrost conditions);
  • Assistance during development of Stage-P and Stage-R for Mineral Processing Facilities construction;
  • Explaining State Expert Board comments on design documentation;
  • Analyze and make independent recommendations regarding solutions to problems with varying complexity in accordance with organization and/or project objectives and guidelines;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Basic Job Requirements

  • Accredited five (5) year degree and ten (10) years of work-related experience;
  • Experience in development of Stage-P and Stage-R submittals for Water Supply Section;
  • Proven extensive experience using GOST and relevant Russian piping and material codes and standards governing the design of piping systems in industrial applications in the Russian Federation;
  • Detailed understanding of ASME piping code and standards and ASTM material standards;
  • Able to apply Russian piping codes and standards to develop piping wall thickness calculations, piping branch connections and all other aspects of piping design and use of various piping components;
  • Thorough knowledge of local (Russian) piping procurement, fabrication, installation, and pressure testing practices;
  • Intermediate level of English or higher (verbal and written);
  • Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and visitors;
  • Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ideal candidate would reside in Russia, St. Petersburg or Moscow.