We make real what matters. This is your role

To be responsible for mechanical and rotordynamic design of Turbo-compressors and compressor trains for new machine business, service and as support for sales.

  • 1) Rotor dynamics • Lateral analysis of compressors • Torsional analysis of compressor trains
  • 2) Impeller dynamics with regard to the excitation by OGV and IGV
  • 3) Stress analysis of compressor rotating parts (i.e. impellers and sleeves, shafts)
  • 4) Shrink fit design of impellers and sleeves
  • 5) Vibration analysis • Analysis of vibration measurements • Evaluation of test results (Rotor Response Test, Mechanical Running Test)
  • 6) Documentation and communication • Issue of internal and external documentation • Communication / clarification of technical results/aspects with internal and EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS
  • 7) Training & Knowledge sharing to new colleague in ND2

We don’t need superheroes, just super minds

  • Bachelor of Engineering (preferably B. E. Mech)
  • 2) relevant work experience of 3/4 years in the area of Turbo-compressors mechanical design (e.g. stress analysis) / rotor dynamics / Mechanics
  • 3) Knowledge of relevant national/international(API, ASME) codes/standards
  • 4) Knowledge of rotating equipment’s like centrifugal compressors, steam turbines etc.
  • 5) Analytical skills, ability to communicate, Ability to understand cross culture working people
  • 6) fluency in English, knowledge of German language will have additional advantage.