The Role

  • The RT Compliance Engineer is accountable for building engineering scope and management of Tanker both rigid and articulated in his/her region. Lead the Tanker trucks design & Engineering scope and implementation.
  • Responsible to work with relevant global/regional SMEs for the development, implementation and update transport design, construction and maintenance standards.
  • All vehicles within the scope are Haulier owned and operated.

Strategic level:

  • Develop & maintain a set of vehicle design, maintenance, safety & operational standards that will provide a global/regional fit for purpose road transport fleet suitable for fuels distribution incompliance to Global and local standards.
  • Guide Hauliers to group’s direction to implement Truck standard, maintenance and all relevant technical aspects.
  • Develop & deliver road transport training packages covering safe maintenance operations, gas freeing, working at height, maintenance eof critical equipment’s and maintenance operations based on group standards documents.
  • Monitor existing fleet standards compliance program to ensure ongoing compliance within an acceptable time-frame i.e. Truck and management system.
  • Participate in Haulier Professionalization audit programs, develop auditor skill levels in transport maintenance management, Contract Management
  • Participate in local working groups / workshops related to transport engineering and/or safety. Act as FP for RT Engineering forum’s.


  • Participate with all Transport Engineers in East Asia and relevant global/regional staff to identify and implement opportunities to improve road transport safety and operational performance.
  • Manage GVS compliance for existing fleet with the support of RTCM’s and guide / ensure compliance for new truck injections.
  • Support & guide in implementation of new projects related to RT Engineering, / Key initiative: Bottom loading truck , ZCOTT, 4 inch capability , Introduction of Semi-Trailers, Aluminum Tankers, Migration of Fully GVS compliant option.
  • Participate in road transport industry forum / OEM forums.
  • Work with OEM’s to get the latest technical details with enhancement of standards in truck design.
  • Coordinate specific approvals from PESO for development initiatives.
  • Be transport focal point and give support for truck engineering aspects & process, new locks, dispute process, relevant complaints regarding vehicle and equipment’s etc.


  • Establish efficient maintenance standard of delivered vehicle, equipment, accessories, IVMS (Insight Browser) and transfer knowhow to haulier, through Road Transport Communication Mgmt, for further implementation.
  • Provide training to relevant staff and maintain in good condition e.g. Locks / Camera’s / IVMS etc.
  • The RTCM’s ensure that hauliers provide training to their drivers/staff for any training required by Shell according to agreed timeline.
  • Coordinate with Road Safety Advisor in updating RT HSSE case related to truck technical aspects.
  • Participate in road transport incident investigations/reviews to ensure technical issues are identified that may have contributed to the incident and suggest improvements.
  • Align activities with global OE standards and improvement programmes
  • Set up process for Haulier induction, training. Driver induction and training on technical aspects.
  • Continuous monitoring haulier / industry cost developments, relevant legislator developments environment, keeping key internal and external stakeholders updated.


​What we look for:

  • Mechanical engineer or mechanical trades background.
  • Min 8 to 10+ years working experience, preferably in road transport operations / economics / contracting engineering
  • Prefer sound knowledge of Shell HSSE standards and local legislation applicable for Tanker truck in India
  • Preferably knowledge about storage & handling of LNG including associated risks
  • Preferably experience of running LNG operations, and interface of terminal or supply operations
  • Very good communication skills
  • Sound contract management skills
  • Experience in transport vehicle design and operation including vehicle specification development. – Sound understanding of vehicle operations & maintenance practices. - The above skills and experience should have been developed in roles such as Transport Engineering, Vehicle Workshop Management, Transport and or Depot Management.
  • HSSE management skills with a focus on transport safety awareness. - Good inter-personnel and English communication - Sound understanding of Transport Business and operation