Job Dimensions:

A. Supervision Received

  • Receives technical and operational guidance from Construction Manager.

B. Supervision Exercised

  • Provides technical and administrative direction to Area Field Engineers. Provides technical direction to Package Managers and Field Engineers. May provide technical supervision to craft personnel.

C. Contacts

  • Jobsite contacts are with jobsite personnel including superintendents and subcontractors related to construction engineering and the customer’s engineering and operating personnel to coordinate technical and verification activities.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Develops and recommends the construction engineering organization for approval by the Construction Manager and prepares employee requisitions.
  • Coordinates with engineering on constructability and design issues. Establishes a Design/Field Engineering working relationship and lines of communication with the Project Engineer including agreement on engineering deliverables. Responsible for quantity verification, control, reporting and forecasting.
  • Acts as Temporary Works Coordinator, or ensures these duties are discharged by another member of the Field Engineering or (sub)contractor’s team.
  • Coordinates and monitors the interfacing between the construction automation plan and the project controls program at the jobsite.
  • Develops and ensures the implementation of the project construction procedures from the Standard Work Process Procedures (SWPPs). Coordinates any deviations from SWPPs.
  • Coordinates with the superintendents and subcontractors to plan construction schedules.
  • Directs the review of material submissions. Directs the reviews of onsite material warehousing to assure delivery of correct materials.
  • Liaises with the Project Quality Manager in the administration the construction quality program.
  • Coordinates subcontract activities to ensure materials, equipment and quality comply with design plans and specifications.
  • Plans and recommends procedures to be implemented by superintendents to ensure (sub)contractor’s construction operations are within requirements of engineering design and specifications.
  • Directs the maintenance of (sub)contractor’s engineering records for handover and job history.
  • Implements controls over variables affecting job progress to ensure engineering and procurement provide timely delivery of drawings, materials and equipment and to ensure that other corporate programs are fully utilized.
  • Performs employee reviews for construction personnel and assists in their development. Ensures that construction personnel receive progressive training.
  • Assesses needs and develops Field Engineering Training Plan for the project.
  • Reviews and provides input to the project staffing plan for construction engineers and associated personnel.
  • Coordinates with the Construction Manager on contract administration and activities affecting the contract administration operation.
  • Administers assigned subcontracts to ensure completeness and that they are up to date.
  • Administers major subcontract changes and represents the company in major contractual discussions and negotiations.

Job Knowledge:

  • Technical knowledge of all phases of construction engineering relating to a single discipline interfacing with all areas, or in a multi-discipline position assigned to a single area.
  • Thorough knowledge of construction activities as they relate to engineering disciplines, cost and scheduling, and contract administration.
  • Familiar with Bechtel’s Business Ethics handbook and policies.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the application and requirements of the Project Environmental, Safety & Health (ES&H) Handbook and the Bechtel Core Processes as they relate to area of responsibility.
  • Knowledge of project-specific environmental compliance requirements.
  • Knowledge of Bechtel’s “Zero Accidents” safety program.
  • Knowledge of the use of subcontracts; knowledge of the contractor/subcontractor’s responsibilities contained in subcontract documents.
  • Prior experience supervising and administering subcontractors.

This knowledge is normally acquired through:

  • A recognized degree in an engineering or scientific discipline, OR
  • Specialized courses in construction management, AND/OR
  • Actual work experience leading to a thorough understanding of the technical knowledge described above.