A broad description of duties & requirements are included, but not limited to, the below:

  • Ability to oversees the engineering activity (all disciplines) on a small project, or designated portions of a project for a global business unit
  • Ability to plan and direct engineering assignments on the project
  • Have technical responsibilities for interpreting, organizing, executing and coordinating assignments
  • Ability to supervise the engineering activity on a relatively small size project or designated portions of a larger project
  • Willingness to exercise operational supervision over other project engineers when in a designated lead position
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of industry standards and design criteria within the engineering industry
  • Working knowledge of project engineering processes and procedures
  • Working execution planning skills
  • Strong in organizing and managing complex engineering activities
  • Working knowledge of project control systems
  • Knowledge of proposals and bid processes
  • Understands engineering estimate basis
  • Understands contractual requirements for the project


  • Degree qualified in appropriate management, engineering subject or equivalent.