• The purpose of this document is to outline the job responsibilities of a Production Engineer for the HICoat Division.  The Production Engineer serves as a specialist for the HICoat Division and possesses a thorough understanding of turbo machinery repair, welding, laser cladding and coatings.


  • Collaborating with Materials Engineer and Welding Engineer to develop and maintain quality laser cladding processes including WPS, WPQR,etc.
  • Assist in the programming and automation processes used for coating and laser cladding.
  • Working with Sales Representatives to build scopes and quote coating/cladding projects. Technical Representative is to provide coating selection to meet or exceed both machinery and customer requirements.
  • Reviewing initial condition of parts upon arrival prior to coating removal. Visually inspect, inventory, and document all findings required.
  • Creating work scope for coating projects upon arrival for coating.  Ensure that project work scopes can be completed safety and contain all pertinent information with regards to procedures, prints, tolerances, and critical dimensions.
  • Designing, procuring, and manufacturing fixturing and tooling required for safe and efficient project processing.
  • Working with inventory manager to ensure that materials are on hand when needed to provide timely delivery of coated parts.
  • Working with vendors when outsourcing coating services to ensure our specification are met in timely manner. Technical Representative with issue purchase orders and follow projects until they arrive back within our specifications.
  • Managing projects as they progress through the production process and provide technical support as necessary.
  • Reviewing any challenging issues with Division Superintendent and/or Production Manager.  All first-time jobs must be reviewed Superintendent.
  • Attending production meeting and updating divisional workflow fluidly.
  • Working with Productions Supervisor to establish schedules for production that insure on-time deliveries.
  • Working with Production Supervisor to optimize, refine, and streamline production workflow processes utilizing LEAN principles.
  • Monitoring working project cost and delivery status.  Review these items with the HiCoat Division Superintendent on a weekly basis or as required.
  • Documenting and holding QPI meetings for any deviations from intended work scope. This includes meeting with shop personnel involved and HiCoat Superintendent to remedy deviation and attempt to prevent future occurrence.
  • Reviewing all projects prior to shipment verifying that both customer expectations and Sulzer’s quality objections have been met.
  • Issuing final reports and coating certifications prior to the shipment of parts.
  • Proactively engage and support company initiatives designed to promote a culture of safe working, environmental protection and continual improvement.


  • Work hours are typically 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, when required the Technical Representative is expected to be available after hours and on weekends.