As Product Engineer you will have a key role in the department processes, being responsible for the following main activities:

  • Prepare and verify structural analysis and calculations, computational simulations, technical reports (design reports), calculation log, project assumptions, support the projects throughout production, meeting the technical requirements and customer demands;
  • Prepare and compose reports from different software and file formats (Excel, Word, MathCAD, E-flex, etc.);
  • Prepare and verify the project's premises, select qualified materials for connectors and accessories;
  • Develop and verify lists of materials of equipment in a specific system (ERP);
  • Perform the “first Engineering judgment” (first analysis of a production deviation);
  • Monitor assembly of connectors and accessories.


  • Required complete B.SC in Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, of Materials, Metallurgy, Aeronautics, Mechanical Production and / or similar, with active CREA;
  • Required advanced english skills (speaking and writing);
  • Required experience in the oil and gas sector;
  • Desirable previous experience working with similar activities;
  • Desirable training in MathCAD basic;
  • Desirable knowledge of ERP System.