Purpose of the Job

  • Technical support to Sales and Project Managers; including meetings, presentations and technical discussions with customers
  • Represent ST and CTSG interests in all aspects of the contract or project (including the interests of other Business Units or CT units)
  • Maintain good relations and contact with customer, and all relevant supplier, inter-CT company, CT Business Unit and/or functional department
  • Prepare technical documentation required within the company
  • Provide technical support (and training where required) to other APAC offices (STCN), if needed
  • Take responsibilities for own work, and assist others in their work, to ensure successful completion of project
  • Act quickly on queries from others, work to schedule and specification or contract requirement and ensure on-time delivery of tasks assigned

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Review tender document, provide technical support during project tendering stage while ensuring the specification or scope offered to the customer are within the capability, competence and capacity of the company
  • Carry out order review. Be fully aware of contract scope and requirements, in so far they affect process or other technical issues
  • Prepare technical calculations and documents; including (but not limited to) process simulation; PFD and mass balance; PID; selection, sizing and design of equipment; control philosophy and associated documentation; instrument selection and process data; plant operating instructions; functional description, lists, and others as may be required for Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering or a complete skid plant
  • Maintain and document design basis, design changes; signed design, check and review documents. Attend to customer’s query including attending design review meeting, and participation in HAZOP meeting when required.
  • Prepare/maintain document list of process design documents, if needed
  • Ensure process requirements (and its changes) are adequately conveyed to customer / other external party, and internally with project team, and reflected in engineering design and plant installation
  • Review vendor/supplier documents for suitability and compliance to process

Competencies and behaviour

  • Ability to interpret customer requirements and to design separations equipment and processes.
  • Good foundation in process engineering as well as chemical separation.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, for developing and implementing solutions to problems with assigned projects.
  • A very strong customer service attitude and good negotiation skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong interest in Separation Technology
  • Can work well with Others in a Team

Education requirements:

  • Degree in Chemical Engineering

Job experience:

Min 3 years relevant plant design or operation experiences in Petrochemical and Chemical Field preferred.

Knowledge requirements (professional, technical, language):

  • ProII / Aspen Simulation Program
  • Microsoft Skills
  • Distillation theory


  • Fluent in written & spoken English