• As process engineer you are assigned to Antwerp site Large Industries. Your main task is to work on long term improvement projects in the field of safety, reliability and efficiency. Meaning you work on; adapting logics in DCS, make process calculations, do troubleshooting, process tests together with the operators etc. Especially automation projects will be a major part of your job. It is also expected from you to come with new ideas and initiatives.

Job requirements

  • You can become a Process Engineer with a Bachelor or Master Degree in Engineering (preferably chemistry). Knowledge/ interests in automation is highly preferred. You have the ability to set the right priorities and see what really matters in a production environment. You are a good communicator, which helps you to have an excellent relationship with other departments both on site and externally. You have the capacity to start things moving in the right direction. You have to act as change agent and be able to create support for your ideas.

Job skills

  • Teamplayer: Working as a team is one of the key principles for success on a production site. You must be able to work together and find the best solution together with the team.
  • “Hands - on mentality”: You should be able to find solutions on your own; a proactive and pragmatic mindset is a must
  • Communication Skills: You will be in direct contact with colleagues, other departments international experts, customers,... You must be able to clearly express yourself to them in a friendly and professional way.
  • Flexibility: This is not a 9 to 5 job. If needed it is expected from you that you go the extra mile.
  • Learning agility: You get the best out of situations by learning on the job and by peers. You are willing to continuously develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Analytical: Capable of solving complex issues.
  • Bilingual: Dutch & English are a must. French is a plus.

Skills development

  • Supported by a dynamic Benelux team, you’ll grow in an international company & develop a large spectrum of skills: Operations, Meeting Targets, Self-Confidence & much more...

Briefly: We are looking for energetic and assertive high potential Process Engineer, motivated to apply for a job with broad (international) career perspectives – is one of the starting points for a career within Air Liquide.