Roles & Responsibilities

Conceive, Justify, Design, Commission, and Maintain APC and Mulit-Unit optimization applications:

  • Collaborate with unit engineers/SMEs to identify new opportunities, deficiencies, or performance shortfalls applicable to advanced process control. Assess potential benefits for proper prioritization and incorporate into APC Long Range Plan where appropriate.
  • Lead the technical effort through all phases of new and revamp of applications: Initial regulatory test & review, plant tests, data analysis, development of inferred property calculations, model development, controller tuning, commissioning, operator training, benefits analysis, long-term support.
  • Validate benefits of recently-installed and existing APC and optimization applications or other improvements, and document in site revenue enhancement database.
  • Collaborate with Process Control Specialists and Engineers to sustain APC performance & KPIs by providing regular monitoring and timely support of existing applications.
  • Collaborate with unit engineers/SMEs to ensure that APC control strategies and unit optimization applications continue to push towards optimal limits as business drivers or operating conditions change.
  • Collaborate with Process Control Specialists to develop and maintain APC documentation for controls in supported unit, and work with operations to update documentation and unit operating manuals as needed to reflect changes to control strategies.
  • Collaborate with central planning and optimization group to make sure the site optimization goals are aligned with the overall business goals.
  • Support the Advanced Control and Optimization Technical Network, advancing best practices and supporting corporate initiatives.

Oversee the performance of regulatory DCS control strategies:

  • Provide technical expertise to project teams and/or Process Control Specialists regarding control strategy development or modification as necessitated by operational or equipment changes.
  • Provide technical support/guidance to Process Control Specialists and Engineers as needed to address complex or recurring issues with DCS controls.
  • Collaborate with organization to update and maintain the site Long Range Plan for regulatory and support systems.


  • BS Degree in Chemical Engineering or related field required.
  • Minimum 3 years related job experience is required.
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to mentor and coach technical and operating team members.
  • Ability to develop and build process control strategies, cascades, PID controls, DMC Controls, and automated optimization applications.
  • Strong understanding of Distributed Control Systems is desired.
  • Strong understanding of AspenTech multivariable control technology (DMCplus, DMC3) is desired.


  • Builds effective teams
  • Collaborates
  • Cultivates innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Demonstrates courage
  • Drives results
  • Ensures accountability
  • Instills trust and exemplifies integrity