Weatherford is seeking a Petrophysicist for Safat, Kuwait. For more information, visit and connect with Weatherford on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



  1. Review SRP Wells status, analyze pump data, and investigate well behavior change.
  2. Provide recommendation for production optimization opportunities for the running SRP Wells in NK field area.
  3. Creating bi-monthly reports using Daily monitoring reports and WFT Optimization Software (LOWIS/CygNet/ForeSite) and discuss these recommendations with KOC in the bi-monthly meeting.
  4. Following up with the field crews to apply the agreed recommendations with KOC and record the changes.
  5. Monitor the wells connected to WFT Optimization Software in NK Field and update the required limits for the main running parameters according to the current Well behavior and to detect any up normal change to report it and take a quick action.
  6. Configure intelligent alarms based on the Well behavior.
  7. Validation of well test, fluid level information and update well test data and compare with well models initially created in WFT optimization software.
  8. Run diagnosis and generate diagnostic reports to see deviation between ideal card and actual for (SRP Wells) and Run analysis to compare actual versus theoretical data.
  9. Analyse Dyna cards, fluid shots and recommended changes.
  10. Responsible for supporting WFT client on daily basis for activities related to production optimization and well handling issues and investigating well behavior changes.
  11. Responsible for data quality check from petroleum engineering side for data collected through WFT real time surveillance system.
  12. Tracking production optimization consultancy benefits realized in terms of oil barrels increase every 2 months period based on our recommendations.
  13. Responsible for promoting new technologies based on technical evaluation for candidates/opportunities.
  14. Review and analyze well performance (Down hole data, surface data,down time reasons, etc..) on daily and weekly basis creating bi-weekly reports for production optimization opportunities either to increase production or to prevent down time because of any technical reason.
  15. Responsible of updating all RRL wells database starting from initial static startup raw data (downhole data, design data, surface unit, etc...), up to the continues dynamic daily data (Fluid levels, DCS test, portable tests, pressure survey, etc...)
  16. Conducting failure statistics and highlighting failure reasons on monthly and quarterly basis.
  17. Responsible of creating monthly project tickets to be discussed and signed from client side.


Qualification: B.E/ B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering OR M.E./ M.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering

Experience: Minimum 8 years

Expertise: Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) Systems Optimization. HO field knowledge will be added advantage

Software- Weatherford Optimization Software experience  (LOWIS/ CygNet, ForeSite)

Computer Skills: MS Office, Rodstar, SROD