Purpose and Scope

Carry out a variety of duties to maintain the efficient and safe operation of various terminal facilities to ensure receipt , storage and export of products are carried out in accordance with established quotas and specifications. This includes monitoring the receipt, storage, measurements and export of crude Oil/Pentane Plus/condensate and residue injection, offtake to Ruwais Refinery; starting/stopping loading operations locally and/or through control console; calculating cargoes loaded; monitoring and/or carry out Heavy Oil/Sludge/Water dips and gas tests when required; and preparing/checking related documentation. Read, record and transmit meteorological data. Participates in maintenance, project and shutdown activities by preparing equipment for isolation, shutdown and start up before and after work commencement and completion. Carry out and ensures all work is performed in accordance with established safety rules and regulations.

Terminal oil and loading installations include 4 MOL’s,16 crude oil storage tanks with a capacity of 8.7 million barrels gross, 3 oil gravity lines, 5 loading pumps driven by gas turbines, 4 banks of positive displacement meters, 2 prover loops, 4 auto samplers, 2 conventional buoy mooring and 2 Single Point Mooring berths. 25-45 tanks are loaded each month.

  • Completion of Bachelor Degree (12 years) followed by 3 years full time training leading to a Diploma in electrical Trade.
  • 8 years electrical maintenance in oil/ gas/power or related industry.