• Review geotechnical and geophysical data and develop soil design parameters.
  • Develop foundation design loads and assess offshore geohazards.
  • Perform geotechnical design/analysis of various subsea and offshore structures including: shallow foundations (PLETs, Skids, etc.), suction piles, driven piles, gravity bases, and other types of subsea and mooring anchors. Develop fit-for-purpose foundation sizes for offshore/subsea structures.
  • Perform pipe-soil interaction analysis for offshore pipelines.
  • Produce technical documents in accordance with applicable codes, client specifications and standards, project specifications for design, and technical specification for geotechnical work.
  • Candidate will review client supplied design requirements/data, participate in design reviews, and respond to client queries.
  • Participate in departmental development assignments.


  • PhD or Master’s degree in a geotechnical engineering specialty, plus at least 5 years of offshore geotechnical engineering experience.
  • Candidate should have proven project experience in laboratory testing, geotechnical data interpretation, shallow and deep foundation design, and geotechnical surveys. Experience in geophysical surveys is considered a plus.
  • Proficient in state-of-practice geotechnical/foundation design software including finite element packages such as PLAXIS 2D/3D.
  • Candidate should be familiar with industry codes and standards such as API-RP-2A, API-2GEO, API-RP-2SK, ISO 19901-4, DNV-RP-E303, DNV 30.4.
  • Texas Professional Engineering registration is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills are essential, including the ability to interface with clients, vendors, manufacturers, inspectors, and design engineers.
  • Be familiar with pipe-soil interaction analysis for offshore pipelines and risers.