Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review the S/C certification matrix in SDB (under the MFD Coordinator guidance/review)
  • Expedite and review S/C to issue the certificates identified in the certification matrix (under the MFD Coordinator guidance/review)
  • Follow the MFD Coordinator instructions
  • Knowledge of Russian certification
  • If requested by the MFD Coordinator, find the Technical Passports of Free issued equipment/material in PDB "Technical Passport".
  • As a quality position, ensure quality dossier of piping works (WPS, PQR, welding maps, spool sheets, NDT, hydro test) and give support to S/C to prepare the Technical Passports of pipeline => this is typically the competency of VCB.
  • As a quality position, ensure quality dossier of his discipline
  • As a quality position, ensure final quality dossier of the module under the MFD Coordinator guidance.

You are meant for this job if you have

  • 5-8 years of relevant experience on similar position
  • Knowledge of MS Office.
  • Knowledge of Russian certification

Languages (expected level):

  • Russian fluent (mandatory)
  • English