The prime responsibilities are,

  • Control and engineer, from concept to installation, all mechanically biased plant improvement modifications; optimising plant reliability in terms of availability, costs, safety and environmental impact (See Performance Standards)
  • Provide technical support to Capital engineering; influencing plant & equipment selection and layout for ‘best’ life cycle costs, maintainability and operability to benefit of Dow.

Other key responsibilities are to:

  • Work in conjunction with maintenance planners, engineers, integrity engineers, plant managers and area team personnel to gain buy-in and support in executing your responsibilities
  • Communication & co-operation with mechanical and other discipline engineering and maintenance groups and technology teams throughout Dow to facilitate achievement of common or complimentary goals
  • Involve self and influence plant & equipment construction quality and commissioning


  • Complete safety training required to do job as stipulated by Dow standards and UK legislation
  • Ensure relevant DOW and Barry Site Safety Standards are followed.
  • Ensure relevant DOW and Barry IH and COSHH standards are followed.
  • Consider, as priority, minimisation of environmental and waste effects when working.
  • Ensure competence in and compliance with environmental standards as stipulated by DOW and UK legislation.


People and Organisation

  • Define, seek and receive training needed to do the job competently.

Mechanical engineering

  • Provide competent expertise in the management of the ongoing MOC program; prioritising, monitoring and implementing modifications
  • Provide competent expertise in the prediction, prioritising and avoidance of equipment problems
  • Suggest and support continuous improvement in the MOC procedure and practices for engineering mechanical plant & equipment modifications
  • Suggest and support continuous improvement in use of contractor services for MOC engineering
  • Suggest and support continuous improvement in meters of MOC engineering and effectiveness. Measure and publish regularly to enhance Unit appreciation and effect improvements
  • Contribute to identification and planning of plant shutdown work programs, taking lead in definition of MOC programs and post-execution follow-up
  • Maintain awareness of maintenance engineers, maintenance supervision and technicians of Capital projects, arranging reviews for appreciation and influence appropriately
  • For MOC & Capital work, ensure provision of complete and adequate hardcopy information to maintenance group to enhance reliable maintaining
  • For MOC & Capital work, ensure provision of complete and adequate hardcopy information to maintenance engineer for determining of maintenance strategy, consumable / material spares, insurance spares and SAP bills of materials
  • Ensure provision of complete and adequate new or updated engineering & maintenance information (eg bills of materials, technical data, equipment templates) for plant & equipment either new or made redundant by MOC & Capital work, maximising utilisation of SAP functionality.
  • When requested support procurement of non-stores stock replacement items
  • When requested, technically support work programs to rectify major plant & equipment breakdowns
  • When requested, participate in troubleshooting efforts and rectification for mechanical plant.
  • Display endeavour & creativity for plant and equipment improvements, making best use of current mechanical technology, contributing to Dow technology advancement. Maintain Unit, site and global awareness of such
  • Display endeavour & creativity for procedural / system / method improvements, making best use of current maintenance and production practices, contributing to Dow advancement. Maintain Unit, site and global awareness of such
  • Ensure competence in and compliance with current good engineering practices; site & corporate standards, procedures, and systems; and national legislation, standards and codes.


  • Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering(or equivalent).
  • Communication skills with ability to produce technical instructions and reports and effective verbal presentations.
  • A level of computer literacy.
  • Ability to interpret/produce engineering drawings and manufacturers design/maintenance books.
  • In-depth knowledge of some/all following - dynamic equipment, pressure vessel design, pipeline design, materials and mech./physical properties, how materials fail, erosion/corrosion theory/prevention, gaskets/fasteners, structures, process control/measurement, valve technologies, refrigeration.
  • Awareness of safety and I.H. issues and codes/legislation.

Note: Relocation assistance is not aligned with this role.

As part of our dedication to the diversity of our workforce, Dow is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. We encourage every employee to bring their whole self to work each day to not only deliver more value, but also have a more fulfilling career.

Dow Offers:

  • A robust total rewards program, including: competitive base pay, variable pay that rewards individual, team, and Company performance, and comprehensive benefits
  • On-going learning opportunities within a diverse, inclusive and rewarding work environment
  • Career experiences that can span different Dow businesses and functions with opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • The chance to work within a global company and interact with colleagues from around the world
  • Opportunities that spark your imagination and ignite your passion to help others