Core Duties

  • Provide feedback to the project design team on design manufacturability, manufacturing methods, tooling, cost, and vendor capability during formal and informal design reviews
  • Review engineering drawings regarding manufacturability, cost, dimensioning, tolerancing, and inspectability
  • Compile, document, and discuss lessons learned and manufacturing best practices with the project design, assembly, quality, supply chain, and vendor fabrication teams
  • Participate in new-vendor sourcing activities, audit vendors for manufacturing capabilities, and provide formal and informal reports to project, quality, and supply chain teams
  • Contribute to vendor kick-offs through the communication of lessons learned and manufacturing best practices
  • Create and/or review assembly work instructions (followers) in coordination with the design, quality, and assembly teams
  • Design and develop work stations, tools, processes, methods, machines and equipment to produce quality products safely and cost effectively.
  • Provide support to the assembly team to address issues as required and to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Provide support to the design and assembly teams to ensure end product meets all technical and quality requirements
  • Provides cost, technical, and schedule inputs to the proposal and bid process
  • Work with project team, including Project Manager and Project Engineer, to identify and manage risks to project cost and schedule

Ancillary Duties

  • Provides feedback to the Company’s Information Technology group on business system processes to improve data integration, reuse, throughput and workflow
  • Collaborate with the project design, assembly, and quality teams on the design and fabrication of tooling for product fabrication, assembly, and inspection
  • Review and assess non-conformance reports in order to offer feedback to project, quality, and supply chain management teams, disposition as required, identify root causes and corrective actions, and record lessons learned
  • Participate in formal and informal vendor selection process for manufactured products with project and supply chain teams; offer feedback regarding vendor ability to manufacture to requirements based off vendor capabilities, past performance, and visits, as well as part complexity, prior nonconformance issues associated with the product, and lessons learned
  • Discuss and evaluate product manufacturing and quality plans with vendors and offer feedback; support plans throughout all sourcing and fabrication processes
  • Participate in vendor surveillance activities to monitor and assist in project fabrication and quality; provide formal and informal reports to project, quality, and supply chain teams
  • Optimize and standardize the assembly floor and assembly processes through the application of manufacturing best practices, continuous improvement, and lean manufacturing tools.
  • Provide guidance on design for manufacturability, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, manufacturing best practices, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement, to the project, assembly, and quality teams; generate and offer training as applicable
  • Participate in critical-to-quality initiatives with the design and quality teams
  • Compile and release standard operating procedures for product assembly activities
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Travel as required (up to 25%)

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • This position may have informal supervisory responsibilities

Reporting Relationship

  • This position reports to the Team Lead, Manufacturing Engineering of Oceaneering Entertainment Systems



  • Minimum BS in Engineering required


  • Advanced degree
  • Professional License and/or Industry Organization Memberships
  • Knowledge of design and configuration management software such as Solidworks and EPDM
  • Practiced knowledge of ASME Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing