Projects Planning and management: Plan, Design and execute projects safely according to Total standards to ensure technology upkeep, legal compliance and equipment reliability.

Maintenance: Maintain the plant safely and effectively by making use of MX to ensure that the plant and equipment remains in good condition and results in plant availability above 95%.

People: Effectively manage maintenance department employees through applying the Total’s people Management principles, and to develop, coach and mentor subordinates to promote a positive working environment that will attract and retain skilled staff and increase productivity.

HSEQ: Ensure constant adherence and compliance to the company’s HSEQ and security standards, any local by-laws and government legislation to minimize all risks pertaining to the company’s assets, be an excellent corporate citizen and ensure the safety off all people.

Finance: Align daily, Weekly & Monthly budget planning to achieve plant operating costs ($/Ton) and Effective execution off all work in line with monthly maintenance budgets and Annual Capex planned expenditure

  • High speed automated Small packing lines
  • Drum and Pail filling lines
  • Bulk Liquid filling systems including weigh bridges and related computerized systems.
  • Vertical and horizontal Tank manufacturing and maintenance.
  • NDE Inspection on tanks, pipes and pressure vessels.
  • Maintenance and service of boilers and burners.
  • Process oil heaters and reticulation systems
  • Automatic tank gauging systems and its integration into Blending control systems including maintenance.
  • Breakdown Management and reduction
  • Acceptable knowledge to Inspect, repair and replace depending on strategy per category of equipment in a lubricant manufacturing plant
  • Computerized maintenance systems like MX or SAP PM

Context and environment

Technical: Manage all projects and maintenance along with consultancies, contractors, OEM’s, HSEQ departments and HO Engineering in France. Group engineering standards and policies and procedures are to be adhered too at all times including TNPA, local authority by-laws, legal compliance and landlord standards/requirments.

Candidate profile

  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineer with GCC (GMR 2.1 Responsibility)
  • Lubricants (Lubricant and grease) manufacturing experience.
  • Previous experience as Plant engineer for 10 years or more.
  • Must understand Instrumentation at a good level.
  • Good understanding of Computerized plant control systems.
  • Experience with PLC and Scada systems in conjunction with Blending control systems.