Essential Responsibilities:

  • Insulation Coordination Studies: Determination (by simulation) of temporary and transient overvoltage stresses on equipment and surge arrester energy ratings.
  • Network studies: Confirmation of the correct interaction between the equipment, its control system and the rest of the network.
  • Reliability and Availability Studies: Creation of overall reliability and availability models for projects and reporting to the client.
  • Losses: Calculation of overall project losses and reporting to the client.
  • Provide guidance and coordinate the engineering tasks to meet the project/tender requirement.
  • Technical responsibility in areas of expertise
  • Development and Industrialisation: Develop and industrialise solutions tools and processes associated with the engineering activities identified above.
  • Be actively involved in new developments in HVDC technologies, implementing control and protection solutions and creating / delivering new analysis techniques and system study tools in order to provide optimized system study solutions.
  • Process Improvement: Review and record design processes and develop new or improved processes.
  • Enforce engineering discipline and set processes across all work tasks and adherence to company policies, quality procedures and work instructions (e.g. through trainings, technical reviews).
  • Represent the business in external events by publishing technical papers
  • Apply yourself towards improving your technical knowledge base and keep abreast of relevant methodologies and technological advancement within the Company.
  • Support and mentor other engineers to increase the team’s technical knowledge and competence
  • Values: Comply with the GE Values Charter
  • Report or resolve any non-conformances in a timely manner.
  • Identify and evaluate EHS risks in the team area and implement practical measures.
  • Set the example by demonstrating the proper acts and actively observe work conditions and behaviours, giving constructive feedback and celebrating EHS effective prevention.
  • Actively participate in defining corrective actions when work is unsafe or when an uncontrolled risk is observed.
  • Routinely observe routines and behaviours of others and provide immediate feedback regarding unsafe behaviour and celebrates achievements or safe behaviours.
  • Actively and routinely promote the identification of hazards and near misses to their team/s.


Educated with an Engineering degree (or equivalent) including power systems and power electronics subjects (minimum 2:1) with proven professional experience and technical expertise in the field of power system engineering and preferably in HVDC System Design.

  • Detailed knowledge of Main Circuit design
  • Power Quality Issues
  • Knowledge of system tools like PSCAD, PSS/E, DigSilent, RTDS and MATLAB etc.
  • Insulation co-ordination and main equipment characteristics for HVDC
  • An expertise of the use of computer mathematical and simulation tools as applied to the design of the aforementioned activities
  • A general understanding of the characteristics of HVDC Valves and their control systems.
  • Presentation ability
  • Equipment Specification: Creation of project-specific, high economic value, equipment specifications for equipment such as power transformers, instrument transformers, reactors, capacitors, surge arresters etc.
  • Filter Design: Design of AC, DC, high Frequency harmonic filters and screening. Calculations of filter performance and rating. Creation of project-specific equipment specifications for filter reactors/capacitors/resistors.

Desired Characteristics:

Able to work to deadlines with high quality, sense of urgency and delivery

  • Good technical communication skills
  • Self-motivating, proactive and results driven approach
  • Strong problem-solving and root cause identification skills
  • Precise documentation
  • Ability to be a team player and to work independently
  • "Professional" approach to engineering delivery
  • Right first time attitude