Job Role Responsibilities


  • Interfaces with business teams to maintain and improve equipment reliability while reducing maintenance costs
  • Participates in incident investigations, RCFA’s and bad actor analysis in support of assets
  • Performs Risk Assessments and supports technical evaluations
  • Assists in the development of maintenance / operating procedures and technician training


  • Supports screening, optimization and Design Basis Memorandum preparation for all systems
  • Provides technical support for front-end development, cost estimation, design, construction, and startup for projects, change packages, and turnarounds
  • Provides support for projects <$5M and leads contractor’s instrument work to ensure consistency with project specifications and guidelines
  • Recommends AMP line items with business justifications
  • Applies codes and standards in all technical work


  • Participates actively in the Discipline Sub-network
  • Updates Company practices and specifications
  • Supports opportunities for step-out technology deployments