Essential Responsibilities:

  • The Hardware Engineer is responsible for the delivery of high-quality engineering electronic hardware designs. Work scope typically includes the following essential responsibilities:
  • Develop creative solutions and reduce complexity to create accurate and effective solutions for complex engineering problems.
  • Typical hardware activities will include preparing design specifications, electronic designs (including PLD/FPGA designs) , performing simulation/module testing, and integration testing of the design. Performing PLD/FPGA Code Reviews and verifications of Design Specifications and Reports
  • Engage customers to define scope, review results, and discuss technical risks.
  • Work with the technical leader to establish an effective work plan, including time estimates, schedule estimates, requirements and work processes.
  • Apply engineering fundamentals and 1st order engineering principles to establish and/or confirm expected performance.
  • Provide clear and complete analysis documentation in accordance with GE engineering procedures.
  • Manage time effectively to provide quality deliverables within the expected project timeline. Communicate effectively to leadership the status of work activities
  • Effectively manage multiple priorities


  • Bachelor's Degree in electrical, computer or software engineering from an accredited college of university.
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in a related field.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of common PLD/FPGA languages and and PLD/FPGA development tools (Signal Tap, Debuggers, etc).
  • Experience with coding conventions, unit testing and integration testing of PLD/FPGA's.
  • Solves technical challenges through application of common design patterns and identifying appropriate patterns for use in problem solving
  • Effective us of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience understanding coding standards that meets and delivers desired functionality using technology selected for the project
  • Leadership experience inside and/or outside the classroom
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills and ability to articulate clearly
  • Contributes to creative solutions and challenges status quo
  • Proactively learns new tools and identifies opportunities for improvement and promotes their adoption